You have been producing TechnoBASS/ElectroBASS records for a long time now, how did you get into it? and where does your inspiration come from?
I have basicly been into electronic music since the Berlin Wall came down and all these western subcultures were much more easy accessable here in East Germany. My first contact with New School Electro was in 1996, when Dave Clarke put out his first "Electro Boogie" compilation. I was simply blown away by the freshness of these sounds. At that time artists like SEM, Aux 88, Shiver had a huge impact on me. By now I guess pretty much the whole Electro cosmos has went through my head so there are a lot influences. I'm always especially keen on melodic things like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream's early 80's phase and everything in that direction.
What is it about Electro music thats got you stickin with this style for so long? what makes Electro music so powerful to you?
Like others have said before - Electro is the Science Fiction of music. I'm a scifi addict so this music is the perfect soundtrack for my life. For me it stands out towards all other electronic music genres. If done well, Electro is all about colorfull playfull creativity. Much of it is just timeless like good Science Fiction.
Tell us a bit about the history of the label. What projects are you most proud of?
In 1996 the main label Dominance Records started out with a lot of german hardcore Hip Hop releases (8O8 Mafia, LSD Proton) and few Electro productions (Dagobert, Prime Dominance). In 2000 we opened the Electro sublabel Dominance Electricity which is what I mainly take care of these days. The motherlabel Dominance Records my labelpartner Kretschi runs as platform for german Hip Hop and Bboy Breaks releases (like the yearly Battle Of The Year Soundtrack albums). Of course I am most proud of things like to have been able to work with some of my personal Electro heros like Newcleus or Keith Tucker (Aux 88) for projects on our label.
How has the Electro scene changed in Germany over the last 10-15 years? what do you miss? what are you excited about?
There has never really been a party scene for this special type of electronic music here. It was always just a few producers, labels, crews, fans spread all over the country. After the little commercial Electro hype in 1998~2000, when the term "Electro" was more and more used for other types of electronic music, the classic Electro went back were it had been since the 80's - underground. That's where we are now, thats where its best. The exiting thing is that today the internet allows Electro freaks from all over the globe to connect to one international scene at places like and all the other online communities.
What is the future of electro? and what is Dominance Electricity's Role in that?
Despite all the confusion about what "Electro" is or should be, i think that the type we are talking about will have a very long life. It will never fade away like some temporary hyped up trend subgenre, because the pioneers of the 70's and 80's and the big Electro hype back then left a mark in music history strong enough to keep reaching and inspiring new generations of producers. It might all sound a little different in 20 or 30 years, but there will still be an Electro scene that remembers where it all came from. For the years to come I hope we will be able to keep doing what we have done with our labels since the start - releasing the music we love and make as many people happy with it as possible.
What artists should people watch out for?
Look out for the all the "new" artists we featured on our current release, the "Global Surveyor - Phase 3" various artist album. We're happy to have put out their works and I think there are many more great things to come from them in the future.
How did you find the different artists for Global Surveyor 3?
We receive a lot of demos and I always try to have my ears everywhere. Its been a long process for this album, so in the end I had a zillion demos to choose from and it was really hard to come up with the final tracklist. After our previous Old School release by Dynamik Bass System, I wanted the next project to go into a rather New School melodic deep space Electrofunk meets Electronica direction. The goal was to have all pieces fit together well to create a gesamtkunstwerk including the amazing artwork by David A. Hardy.
What should we look out for in the future of Dominance Electricity? what kind of crazy stuff you guys have planned with all those drum machines?
Next up is a remix EP release for the "Global Surveyor" theme song by Keith Tucker and Gab.Gato. We are as well preparing a new 12" vinyl Electro series. Its all still top secret at the moment. To get updates join our newsletter list at or our Dominance Electricity group at Facebook.